About the program

The GlobalNOC Renewal Program is simple: we’re stepping back to give ourselves a clear and honest assessment, taking a big step up as a GlobalNOC team, and moving forward, ready to help our clients and community succeed over the next 20 years.

Program Goals

Become indispensable to each of our clients

Our network partners are the core of what we do; we succeed if they succeed. So, we’re going to find the areas where we want to make major improvements, and ensure we have the full confidence of each our partners. We will look to the future of our services with the goal of providing high-quality services to all.

Unlock the full potential of our people

At GlobalNOC, we’re lucky to have a highly talented and committed team. We’re going to make sure we’re a magnet for those who want to learn new things, work on new technologies, and drive the future of research and education. We’re going to make sure everyone has the supportive culture, skills, autonomy, and direction they need to reach their full potential.

Become one of our community’s leaders in automation

Automation is driving significant changes to how networks are managed. We’re going to embrace this change to transform how we manage networks at the GlobalNOC. We’re going to collaborate with others in the community working on this, and share everything we learn along the way, so the community as a whole can take advantage.