We have 3 simple goals for the GlobalNOC Renewal Program:

  1. Become indispensable to each of our clients
  2. Unlock the full potential of our people
  3. Become one of our community’s leaders in network automation

So, it’s probably not too surprising that we’ve decided to staff up in our automation effort.  We hope to spend 2019 transforming how we engineer all of the networks we support.  What may be less obvious is that we believe this effort will also have an impact on the other 2 goals as well.  By becoming an automation-first engineering organization, we’ll enable our clients to develop and provision services for their users much faster, with less risk of error.  Automation will also give our engineers new opportunities to master new skills and move away from crafting configs to defining and managing services.

To get started, we posted one of our software developer positions to help with the additional load. And now we’ve created a new role: the GlobalNOC automation technical program manager.

we’ve created a new role: the GlobalNOC automation technical program manager.

The automation TPM will have a challenging and exciting task.  They will be expected to lead our overall automation program, working with our teams of network engineers, our clients, and our software developers to identify the approach and architecture needed, roll out new automated methods across our supported networks, collaborate with our community partners, and share everything we learn so that others in the community can benefit. It’ll give the right person the chance to play with the latest tech, improve the lives of our clients, and have a deep and lasting impact on R&E networking.  It’s going to need a uniquely broad set of skills from understanding network engineering, automation, and the social and organizational skills to create change across the GlobalNOC and our clients.

Interested?  Get more information and apply here: https://iujobs.peopleadmin.com/postings/71556

Or, feel free to reach out.  We’d be glad to talk more about it.